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 Submission Guidelines

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PostSubject: Submission Guidelines   Mon Jun 29, 2015 5:40 pm

Technique Name: (What is the name of your special move?)

Hatsu Category: (What hatsu type(s) are you using for this one technique?)

Type: (Offense, Defense, Support. Which one?)

Technique Rank:(Rank is dependent on your character rank.)

Ability Description: (List what the technique does, how it works and its weaknesses. We'd prefer you to list the pros of your ability at the top of the description, and the cons in a different color which would be on the bottom of the pros.)

Conditions:( What are the restrictions of your ability? The more limits you have that cause great backlashes, the stronger it will become. This is optional though, meaning you can leave it blank.)

CD (Condition(s) DMG:

DMG: (How much Damage does this ability do?)

Range: (How far can it go?)

Cooldown:(How long do you have to wait to use it again? The stronger the attack, the longer the cooldown time will be.)

Technique Code:

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Posts : 131
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Hatsu : Emission

PostSubject: Re: Submission Guidelines   Tue Jun 30, 2015 5:47 pm

Understanding Cool-Downs & Limitations

As you all should know by now, most Hatsu Techniques need conditions/limitations. All this does is make your ability stronger than what is usual; most people create their techniques, and its conditions from emotional places, some require logical thought, while others don't within this emotional state. A perfect example would be Kurapika; in any case, for most specialist, their hatsu ability should require different conditions, because it is something very rare to come across in hunter x hunter. Most specialist like Chrollo, Neon, Meleoron, Alluka, and Leol need a lot of conditions to be met, or need to make one to two very interesting conditions; if you decide to be a specialist, I strongly suggest studying those characters to make guidelines for yourself. In any case, for other hatsu categories, conditions aren't really needed. Conditions are only used for people who want to make their techniques stronger, this also introduces a lot of creativity for an ability.

you can make a contract with yourself. The vows you make can be things like "you will can only use this ability if this person does a favor for me." You can think of vows/contracts as conditions as well because you have to meet your own conditions, as other people do in some cases to use their ability. Vows/Conditions can be considered liabilities according to Hunterpedia,this is a 100% true. If you break your vows, it could result in messing up your nen, personality, or health. Generally for the most part, I look at these type of conditions (vows) as fairly simple.  So I say again, having a condition is not mandatory, this means you can follow the regular damage system for hatsu techniques. If you want to make your hatsu ability stronger (which could be one technique or many) you need conditions/limits. If you break your limits, you could die, destroy your nen, or have something else freakishly happen to you. For the most part, in HXH, if limitations (in other words a punishment on ones self for not strictly following their own conditions) are broken people die, or lose their nen. For example, Kurapika will die if he should ignore his conditions, Gon lost his ability to use nen by going over his 100% cap.

When you make conditions, it will only influence your hatsu ability by 4 extra damage points. We will expect you to make reasonable negative effects if your conditions are broken, but it won't have to result in death. If you want 6 Damage points added to your hatsu, this will most likely result in utter eradication of your ability to use nen. Not only that, you will most likely be dead, or become very ill. Welp', I hope you think about this carefully, because conditions should ONLY be set based on your characters background, personality, or what he/she has happened to them in the course of this rpg.

Cool downs are fairly simple, if you read below you will see the listing of how long cool downs will last for every hatsu technique rank.

E-D = 2 Cooldowns
C-B = 3 Cooldowns
A-SS= 5 Cooldowns
Z = 6 Cool downs
1-3 = 7 Cooldowns

As you can see, the greater the rank of your ability, the longer cool downs will last. If you go on missions you can win cool downs to shorten your time-spans on waiting. Also, every cool down represents how many posts you'll have to wait, for example, ranks 1 - 3 would have to wait 7 posts before they can use that specific ability again because it is so powerful. If you conjure weapons, or incredibly huge monsters, no matter your rank, you'll have to wait 4-5 posts before you can use that specific skill again.

For anyone wanting to be a serious with specialization, I suggest reading this bonus information.
Bonus Information:


Neon using her fortune telling ability.

If a student causes some other effect during their water divination, they are Specialist(特質系, Tokushitsukei). It is possible that the effect that occurs can give some insight into how they should direct their ability. Specialization is anything that doesn't belong into the other five categories.[3] This is the vaguest Hatsu category. For example,Kurapika's Specialist ability allows him to use all Hatsu types at 100% efficiency.[8]Chrollo Lucilfer's Specialist ability allows him to steal any other Nen ability (provided that the right conditions have been fulfilled).[16] Neon Nostrade's specialization ability is unique, as it seems she uses only the abilities of Conjurer and Manipulator out of any of the other five Hatsu types. It is possible to become a Specialist later in life, although it is more likely for Manipulators or Conjurers which is why it is placed at the bottom of the chart.

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PostSubject: Re: Submission Guidelines   Tue Jun 30, 2015 7:21 pm

Hatsu Rules

1. There will be no Super-mega power transformations like Gons.

2. No hatsu ability will be absolute, meaning, it cannot one hit kill an opponent. (Unless you are a higher rank member fighting a newbie.) 

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PostSubject: Re: Submission Guidelines   

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Submission Guidelines
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