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 Training System

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PostSubject: Training System   Sat Jun 13, 2015 2:35 am

Training System

The training system plays a major role in the Hunter X Hunter RPG because it is one of the major routes that makes you more skilled and stronger, without training you won't grow. Without the training system you wouldn't be able to use custom techniques or in shop techniques, not even nen its self. TP (Training Points) can be related to currency in a way, the longer your training posts, the more points you can earn, training points can be spent on AP (Aura Points). If you want to increase your nen categories, you have to earn AP! Every two days out of the week you can earn around 4 to 6 Training points, but during your novice level you can only earn 1-3 training points, after leaving novice level, you can regularly earn 4-6 points a day. After you have earned your TP you can go to the Training Points Exchange thread to earn AP. It's up to you whether or not you want to spend all of your points because you can save some of them. If you should go to the exchange topic, you will be given your requested AP. Lastly, even if you hit the limit for earning TP, you can still earn XP and if you have a new ability you will still have to train it, but if you hit the two day limit for earning TP, you won't be earning TP as you practice.

The reason for this training system is to make sure the RPG can last for a very long time, this will make things more enjoyable and allow you to focus on other aspects of the RP rather than just getting powerful all the time. One of the reasons I love this system is because it promotes quality posting, and in some cases character development. Well everyone, here's the chart you'll go by for training.

Training Guide

200 Words = 1 TP

300 Words = 2 TP

400 Words = 3 TP

500 Words = 4 TP

600 Words = 5 TP

700 Words = 6 TP

800 Words = 5 XP

900 Words = 7XP

1,000 Words = 7XP + 400 Jenny

2,000 Words = 7XP + 5,000 Jenny

3,000 Words = 10XP +7,000 Jenny

4,000 Words = 14XP + 10,000 Jenny

5,0000 Words = 14XP + 12,000 Jenny

8,000 Words = 17XP + 10 TP (Can only be done once every two weeks)

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Posts : 131
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Hatsu : Emission

PostSubject: Re: Training System   Sun Jun 14, 2015 2:02 am

Hatsu Training Guide

Hatsu is very different from the regular nen you will be using in combat, in fact when you use unique Hatsu Abilities, it drains your aura pool, the higher the rank your hatsu ability is, the more aura it will take. I don't need to explain this to you though because you can find this in the Hatsu Technique Thread. Back on topic! You need two things in order to rank your hatsu abilities. The first is XP, the second is HTP -  also known as hatsu training points. Before you attempt to create a technique, you need to work for your Hatsu Training Points first; after that's done you need to make sure you have the correct amount of experience points. So in summary there will be different requirement prices of hatsu points and exp points to purchase these said ability creations for your techniques. After you've made your ability and it has been passed by a mod you'll will be forced to follow the regular training system to use your technique, just because you met hatsu and exp requirements doesn't mean you met training requirements. That pretty much sums it up - you can find more details in the Hatsu Technique Topic. For closing notes if you might be confused about TP and HTP, they are completely different. TP is used for AP, AP increases your aura pool which allows you to use more techniques. HTP increases the strength of your hatsu ability, the more strength your hatsu technique has, the more it will take from your AP. So yes they are tied together but as for the requirements to earning points is completely different.
100W = 2HTP
200W = 4HTP
300W = 6HTP
400W = 8HTP
500W = 8HTP + 5XP + 3,000Jenny
600W = 10HTP
700W = 12HTP
800W = 14HTP
900W = 16HTP
1,000W = 18HTP
2,000W = 20HTP
3,000W = 22HTP
4,000W = 25HTP + 7XP + 8,000Jenny
5,000W = 28HTP + 10XP + 10,000Jenny
6,000W = 31HTP + 13XP + 13,000Jenny
7,000W = 40HTP + 20XP + 20,000Jenny
8,000W = 50HTP + 25XP + 20,000Jenny

You are not allowed to perform Hatsu Training without awakening your nen and mastering the four principles.

Experience Points

If you want to rank hatsu abilities or even fighting professions, you have to spend exp on them (HTP And EXP for hatsu related skills). All Hatsu abilities will be custom made. Custom fighting professions only require EXP.
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Training System
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